Sital Dahal

You are?
The name is Sital Sharma Dahal, which I've to admit, doesn't quite sound masculine, but as the name inherently implies I am always cool, calm as a sea breeze.

So Sital, How young are you?
I am at an age when people start getting married, I celebrate my birthday on the 30th day of September, I don't mind if you would give me backlinks as a birthday gift.

Hmm, sounds interesting, which place do you belong?
it would not be wrong if I would say I was born in the paradise on the earth "Sikkim", "the land of mystic splendour", often called as the Switzerland of the east, it is a very beautiful Hill station in India, please try to visit it once in your lifetime.

So Sital, What are your Superpowers?
Not a Geek doesn't have the Bond-James-Bond ring to my name. Humble, polite, punctual, responsible, decent are quite a few words that people used to describe me.

I am a Graduate (BTech) In Computer Engineering. Solving real-time problems, improvising my skills on a regular basis, getting updated with current trends in the field of my study are my priorities.

To name a few, my skill set includes:
  • Web Programing (HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP,AngularJS, Wordpress & Drupal). 
  • programming Languages (C, C++, JAVA, C#). 
  • Software packages ( Matlab, Dreamweaver, MS Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, XAMPP) 
  • Data Base Systems (MS SQL, ORACLE, MYSQL) 
Do you work?
No, preferably after completing my masters.

Wow, are you interested in research?
Yes, I want to contribute to our community through some research, To start with, me with my friend Sri Raj have done a work as our project at college which got published at Springer India

Well Sital, How can I be in touch with you?
Here are the mediums through which we can share our ideas.

1. I really appreciate your comment on my blog post.

2. Any personal query you can mail me at 

3. I am on facebook:                                             Sital Dahal

4. Share with me using my twitter handle:         @sitaldahal

5. Connect with me at                                          Linkedin