Everything about Manipal University students learner.manipal.edu email id

Here are the answer to a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Manipal University's manipal.edu email id. 

Q1. Do Manipal University students get a .edu email address?

Answer: Yes, Once you take admission to any constituent institutions of Manipal University you become eligible for one institution email id popularly known as learners id which will be in the form of your firstname.lastname@learner.manipal.edu. 

Q2. What all can I do with learner.manipal.edu email id?

Answer: Apart from basic mail send and receive the .edu email address has many use-cases a few of them are listed below.
  • Immediate registration at researchgate.net 
  • Immediate account validation at Google Scholar 
  • Avail all students discounts (viz. apple iTunes subscription etc) 
  • Free Microsoft office account 
  • Free Autodesk and AutoCAD softwares and a lot more. 

Q3. Where can i get the my manipal.edu email id?

Answer: After all the admission formalities are over, it usually takes 1 month for your email id to get generated which you can see after logging into the student information system of Manipal University (sis.manipal.edu).

Manipal university students email address
Manipal University Students Information Portal 

Q4. How can I access the Manipal University email id?

Answer: Once you see your email id on the sis portal, you can approach your department office with the request for your password. Once you have your credentials at our disposal you need to login to portal.office.com to login to your manipal.edu email. 

Login Screen of manipal.edu email addresss

Q5. How to configure manipal.edu email in my Android or iphone?

  • To configure manipal.edu email on your Android click here
  • To configure learner.manipal.edu email address on iOS devices click here
  • To configure Microsoft office365 account on windows phones click here

Q6. How to get the password of the learner.manipal.edu email id?

Answer: If you could not get the password from the department office, then you can send a mail stating your learner id to mailadmin@learner.manipal.edu to request your password.

Q7. What if I forget the password of learner.manipal.edu?

Answer: If you loose your password, unlike other sites then there is no privilege to change the password by self. You need to write a mail to maildamin@learner.manipal.edu from your secondary email address like gmail or yahoo and request for the new one. You will receive the newly generated password in your secondary email id. for authentication purpose do not forget to mention your details such as registration number, branch, institute etc.

I hope this helped, feel free to write queries or suggestions you have in the comments below.

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