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Download India Year Book 2017 [English]

The Indian Year Book is published annually by The Publications Division, a media unit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India, The India Yearbook  is one of the most preferred book for the preparation of Competitive exams in India like UPSC IAS, IPS and IFS because it covers wide variety of subjects including arts, literature, culture, science, environment, India’s national heritage as also children’s literature.

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India year book 2017 pdf free download
India year book 2017 pdf free download 
Why download India yearbook ?

  • India year book is one of the most authentic source of information about Government and its various interventions. 
  • This book is one of the best books of India, it gives you the coverage of whole India is nothing sort of to be called Wonderful. 
  • Its not only a must read for UPSC IAS aspirants but for all who love to know more of India and its Government. 
  • Its a book which doesn't boast about achievements but presents the true picture of India. 
  • New schemes and policies are also included here. While most people can give it a miss or can download India yearbook pdf 2017 for free. 
  • The newly launched book INDIA 2017 is really very helpful for all those preparing for civil services and for general information also. It's really a useful book for getting a complete information on the launched. 
  • The best book for competitive exam preparations, gives a complete and balanced views on the happenings in the past one year also provides details of the governmental policies. 
  • India Year book 2017 present an excellent statistical presentation of India's efforts in development. It presents authentic data on all facets of economic development which has made India proud. l. 
  • highly recommended book for students of economics, management and those preparing for UPSC exams. 
  • This book factorises various sectors of development. It demonstrates why India has such high GDP growth with exemplary social inclusion. 
  • Tables presented sector-wise, statewide shows painstaking work done by the team of editors.It is highly desirable that the book be published in all Indian languages, so that students studying in regional languages are also benefitted. 
  • in the nutshell India Year book 2017 is an excellent reference book, highly recommended for all Indians.
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