Bank Demand Draft DD charges SBI (2016 - 2017) calculate online

Bank DD (Demand Draft) charges SBI, PNB, ICICI, AXIS, HDFC, CANARA

Demand Draft (DD) or Bankers' cheque is bill issued by the bank to pay a certain sum in favour of specified party or an organisation. Demand Draft is most popular and preferred way of payment as the risk of non-clearance or cheque getting bounced is nil, because it is the responsibility of the banker to make the payment to the party. So, to make the Demand Draft bank has some fees usually known as Demand Draft exchange rates or the bank commission which one has to pay extra in order to make the draft, which varies between different banks.

Our Demand Draft charges calculator will help you to calculate the Demand Draft fees of different banks that you need to pay while you go and make the Demand Draft.
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We have prepared the (State Bank of India) SBI Demand Draft charges calculator by following their service charge policy mentioned in their official web portal. Link to Demand Draft charges SBI is given below the calculator. Similarly, we have the Demand Draft charges PNB (Punjab National Bank), online DD charges ICICI, DD Remittance calculator online for AXIX Bank, Demand Draft exchange rate CANARA Bank, and HDFC Bank.

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Disclaimer: The Online Demand Draft charges calculator for SBI, PNB, and other Indian banks  are prepared according to their service charges policies just for informational purposes, it is recommended to visit bank website to verify the charges as the bank policies keep changing with time.

Links to the Services charges of respective banks.
  • Demand Draft charges SBI Bank
  • Demand Draft charges PNB Bank
  • Demand Draft charges AXIS Bank
  • Demand Draft charges ICICI Bank
  • Demand Draft charges HDFC Bank
  • Demand Draft charges CANARA Bank

Note: Please leave your suggestions below to report any discrepancy in the calculation using our  Demand Draft fees calculator.

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