Ever wondered why are the testicles outside the male body?

Many of you might not have ever wondered why the God or the creator have placed the testicles or the scrotum outside of the male's body, instead of keeping it inside. In fact, I too being a boy had never thought of it, but today when I googled "why a man should wear a boxer?" and read an article, I was amazed to know the scientific reason behind the fact, why the testicles are outside the male body which I would like to share with you here today.

The testicles (also called testes or gonads) are the male sex glands. They are located behind the penis in a pouch of skin called the scrotum. The testicles produce sperm and testosterone. The testicles are located outside the body because sperm develops best at a temperature several degrees cooler than normal internal body temperature

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Why should a man prefer a boxer over a brief?

The study shows that for about one-half of couples with fertility problems, sperm count is the cause. But maybe something as simple as changing the kind of underwear a man wears can make a difference.
As I said earlier, the temperature of the testes is at issue: In order for testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperm, the temperature of testes must be lower than the core body temperature.

Testes can overheat when a man wears brief underwear. If the testes are too hot -- several degrees above where they should be -- they are not able to produce sufficient sperm, resulting in low sperm count.
According to a recent study, men who wore boxer shorts during the day and nothing to bed had significantly lower levels of damaged DNA in their sperm compared to those who wore tight underpants during the day and at night.

To keep testes at optimal temperature:
  1. Don't wear tight pants -- particularly during sports activities. Wear loose clothing, especially if you sit for long periods of time.
  2. Wear boxer shorts at all times. "Of course, they just don't work under tight pants,"
  3. Stay away from saunas and hot tubs.
Another tip: When you're at home, take off your pants, and stay free.
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