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Google Trends for General Knowledge:

Yes, today I am going to introduce you with the most useful and must know tool available on the internet absolutely free. It will keep you updated with the most trending story happening around the globe, the moment it happens. No doubt about authenticity as it is a product of a brand we all trust, "the mighty Google".

Google drive benefits - Get news ahead of the journalist

The benefit of this tool is that it gives only one or two must-read news at a time that allows you to dig the insight about it, whereas newspaper or social media news has the lot of materials that we tend to skip the story only by reading its headline.

Secondly, the news is delivered to you by email thus consumes very less data, if you don’t have time to read at that moment you can just discard it and read it later whereas in social media you have to search the news scrolling up and down which will just waste your time and consumes lots of data. Since it is the breaking news it will boost your general knowledge, current affairs everything.

So, in this digital era, I am going to share you an important information or let’s call it a trick or a tool which will keep you ahead without having to read daily newspapers, magazines or General Knowledge bulky books. If you have enough time then you can download the Hindu epaper free and enjoy reading it online.

So let’s gets started slowly with the help of snapshots.

Step 1:  On the address bar of any web browser type
the web page that loads will look like this:

Get News ahead of the journalist

  • Click on the sign in button on the right side of the screen

Step 2: On clicking the Sign in button the following window appears where you need to enter your credentials (gmail-id, password) and hit the sign in button

Get news ahead of the journalist

Step 3: You need to click on the menu icon on the left side of the screen as shown in the snapshot below

Get the news faster than the journalist

Step 4: Select the Trending Searches menu from the drop down list and click on it

Get the news quicker then anyone

Step 5: Locate the + (Subscribe) button  on the right side of the screen and click on it.

Get the trending news by email.

Step 6: A new small window pops up on the screen as shown below, Select your preference or leave as it is (Recommended), then click on the subscribe button.

Get the trending news by an email

Step 7: The subscribed successfully message appears on the screen indicating that the process of getting the breaking news ahead of any Journalist is  successfully completed.

Get the benefit of google trends

If you have subscribed Google Trends for breaking news then you are not going to miss any news across the globe and you will be ahead of everyone as far as general knowledge is concerned and the ones who doesn't want to subscribe or has already subscribed, then thank you so much for your patience, please do not forget to Share this post and Subscribe for the newsletter if you feel Google Trends for breaking news worth your time.

Sital is a passionate blogger and engineering graduate who loves fact finding and writes about motivation, SEO, web development, technology, mobile and the Internet.

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