How to crack UPSC Civil Services Examination 2016 using Technology, Self Preparation tips.

In today’s digital world everything is at your disposal if you own a tech gadget either a laptop or a smartphone equipped with the internet, the internet can be a bane if not used judiciously. Today, preparing for any competitive exams offline is not at all possible but if you make the use of technology wisely you will definitely crack the toughest exams like UPSC Civil Services examination by online preparations at home without spending thousands in coaching institutions.
Let’s get started with the basic websites that you need to visit daily, so better bookmark it today.

1. The Hindu Newspaper:

You need not buy The Hindu newspaper daily, we have written a script to download the e-paper or online newspaper that you can download in pdf absolutely free of cost.
Instructions how to read The Hindu epaper:
   - If you don’t have time to read the whole newspaper, don’t forget to read the editorials.
   - Read all articles at one go and identify the key words and jot it down in your note book.

2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most authentic website, and everything is available as every current affairs are updated just in the minutes, so you are strictly advised to read wiki considering its authenticity and availability.


This website is very useful for your Prelims Polity, General Awareness, and Paper II for GS in Mains. It covers everything from Drafts, Bills, policies and Acts by Govt. of India.


It covers everything from security issues and defence related to India.

5. Mrunal

Mrunal is very reliable source for Current affairs especially Science and Technology. You are advice to read the economy too from this website.  

6. Current Affairs (G.K Today)

This website covers in depth current affairs unlike other sources and is highly recommended for UPSC preparations.

7. Forumias

It is a forum where you can sign up and find variety threads that interests you of different domain related to different topics like thread on essay, thread on polity etc.

8. Press Information Bureau

This website contains all the schemes launched by govt. of India. You need to be very selective in reading this just read brief, and go through every new schemes and old schemes if restarted.

9. UPSC Portal

Here you can find all the previous year question papers, refer it and try solving one each day which will definitely help you to score more.

10. Yojana

This website has lots of useful articles, it is a monthly magazine focusing on socio-economic issues of India. Please be selective in reading them.

11. Xaam

You will find all the civil services materials required for your preparations here for free.

12. Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT)

This website is very important for your preparation on art and culture of India.

13. Unacademy

Unacademy is the India’s largest free education platform with high quality lessons for passionate learners by expert educators.

14. Useful applications available at google play

15. Mental Ability and English

Do not miss this opportunity to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination without joining any coaching. Stay at home and prepare online for free. for more update keep visiting Funtastic facts and don't forget  to follow us on facebook/funtasticfacts.

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