How to play Basketball and Chess on Facebook?

Play Basketball and chess on facebook messenger

1. Play the hidden basketball game on facebook messenger

If you are bored chatting with your friends then you can now use the messenger to play basketball on it, isn't it amazing?

Here's how to get it installed and share it with others.
  • Make sure you're updated and running the latest version of the app
  • Select a contact from your friend list and open the chat window
  • Send the basketball emoji to your friend
  • once a basketball icon appears on the conversation window you can tap it to start playing, it's that simple.
When you're done, your score will be displayed in the chat window, ready for abuse from your mate who might feel scorned you're playing instead of chatting. Of course, they have the option to play too.

Sharing the game is as easy as sending the basketball emoji and telling the person at the other end to click it to play. If they have issues be sure to tell them to update the app to the latest version. You will then be alerted as to how many points the person you shared it with has managed to get, so get ready to get competitive.

Let us know your high score in the comments below.
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2. Play the hidden chess game on facebook chat

Did you know? that you can play Chess on Facebook? Facebook messenger it's a very nice place for talking and chatting with friends. Now  it's the time to play chess on it.
It is a hidden command that can be triggered with @fbchess. on the chat window.
Steps to get the chess board on the facebook.
  • Select a contact from your friend list and open the chat window.
  • Type [@fbchess play] without brackets ([ ]) and hit enter.
  • The instruction will appear on the screen which will guide you further or.
  • Type [@fbchess help] without brackets ([ ]) to get the help.
You can also type @dailycute in the conversation window to get cool images.
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