How to get good marks in exams

In today's article, I would like to share a few tips to be followed especially in examination hall during exams, which you all need to understand to score well in exams. These tips are not the one which I have referred from some books or articles but they are the one which I have implemented myself and found very handy and helpful during my engineering.
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From my childhood, I was not a very bright, intelligent or genius student. I was just an above average student as most of us are, I too don’t have a very good percentage in my Xth boards but coming to my polytechnic and engineering I could pass with a decent score of 85 % in both.
[Powered-up e-Learning]Many of you are appearing for the CBSE X, ICBSE XII, ICSE, ISC boards exams and you too are well prepared to get good marks in exam but something goes wrong in the examination hall that you come out saying "s#i$ the paper was damn easy but hooh!" at the same time your friend comes out smiling and says wow definitely 90 or 95. Yes, it is not only you who feels this, even I have experienced this and I am sharing here with you today. Why does this actually happens? What can you do so that you come smiling out of the examination hall? The answers to this questions are as follows.

1. Do not take any Stress at all:

Be cool and confident that whatever you have prepared will only be asked in the exam, sit on your allocated seat, observe the environment, give a pleasant smile to your friends, do not try to recall the answers because you have not seen the question paper yet and that might not have been asked as well so, why to give burden to your mind, try to keep mind fresh for your later use, instead just fill the details required in the answer script slowly without making any mistakes.

2: Attempt Questions Wisely:

When you get the question paper, don't rush to write the answers, most of us would just see the questions and start writing which is not the smarter way. Go through the question paper slowly mark the question which you feel is easy, as you have options to select from.

3. Manage Time:

[Powered-up e-Learning]You need to answer wisely in just 3 hours which is not sufficient for most of us and we tend to miss out a lot of questions which we know well and lose lots of marks. Answer questions according to the marks assigned to it, DO NOT overwrite. Handwriting doesn’t matter much here, don't be calligrapher just keep it readable and write faster, the motive here is to get good mark and not  to display your calligraphy skills. If you think you are running short of time Start writing answers in points, answer written in points using bullets are much attractive and understandable and most evaluators like these and may give you good marks.

[Powered-up e-Learning]4. Attempt Question carrying Maximum Marks:

The difference between the toppers and the normal students is that the toppers do the work smartly, the smarter way to excel in an examination is to attempt the question carrying the maximum marks in the beginning, go in the decreasing order of the marks, it will help to secure more marks as you will be able to answer it more accurately because of the cool and fresh mind and if you fall short of time at last then you will not be losing many marks but make sure you manage time.

5. Just Focus on Your Paper:

[Powered-up e-Learning]Friendship matters but please keep it aside during the examinations, focus only on your work don’t try to be over smart by helping your friend, if caught by invigilator then your preparation will go in vein, if you manage to escape from the teachers eye but time will not spare you, you will fall short of time at last and will not be able to answer much resulting in fewer marks.

6. Presentation:

                If you feel you have plenty of time in the end, just draw a line using a pencil and scale after each answer, which makes quite attractive and easier for an evaluator to offer good marks.

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Hope it helps, your suggestions and ideas are highly appreciated, please leave your comment below.

Sital is a passionate blogger and engineering graduate who loves fact finding and writes about motivation, SEO, web development, technology, mobile and the Internet.

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