Internet not a Boon rather a Bane to mankind if "misused".

Today with the Internet we have almost all the resources just in the reach of our fingertips at a very affordable rate, taking from video conferencing to expressing ideas, sharing digital media over the internet has really become a boon to the human kind, but the question that arises, aren’t we miss using it? Isn’t it going to harm us in the long run?

Internet Boon or Bane
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Evidence from studies conducted revealed that excessive and unmanageable use of the Internet is associated with social, psychological and occupational impairment.This type of pathological Internet use is more commonly referred to as Internet addiction. The adolescents (mostly university students) have been regarded as one of the most susceptible to developing problematic or excessive Internet usage. There have been cases where students become so engrossed with using the Internet that they miss classes or skip exams, even when they are aware that they might fail their classes.
Internet addiction can seem benign in comparison to “real” addictions; as no one have ever died from posting too much on facebook right? But they are just as real; immersion in the virtual world does not only have neurological implications, but observable and destructive physical effects that serve to endanger both somatic and psychological health.
Note: If you are online for more than six hours a day (not working), you are an Internet Addict.

Over the long term, the physical impact of your urge can produce significant, lasting damage to your mind, body, and spirit.

Dietary Habits

Internet addict’s dietary habits had changed since their internet use began, they ate smaller meals, had poor appetites, and ate at more irregular speeds. They were also much more likely to snack throughout the day and skip important meals like dinner, the quality of their diet was significantly lower. They were far less likely to consume adequate levels of vegetables, dairy, and meat, leaving significant gaps in their nutritional intake while they ate excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and fat. Over the long term, this can produce severe health problems that interfere with your body’s ability to function and increase your risk for a host of illnesses, from heart disease to diabetes.


Internet addiction can cause disorder in your sleep as you are unable to resist turning off your computer, Even if you do try to sleep, exposure to the glow of a computer screen can obstruct your ability to experience high-quality sleep by decreasing melatonin levels. Internet addicts are significantly more likely to have an irregular bedtime than those without the addiction, and 81.1% of internet addicts suffered from sleep disturbances such as nightmares, insomnia, or sleep apnea. Poor quality sleep is well-known to contribute to emotional distress, exacerbating or triggering mental health issues, disrupting cognitive function, and decreasing psychological stability,

Physical Activities:

People with internet addiction typically do not engage in structured exercise and have minimal levels of physical activity in general. The positive effects of exercise on both body and mind are well-known, and stripping yourself of these benefits makes it more difficult for you to maintain emotional stability and physical health, leaving you vulnerable to both psychological and somatic distress.


People with internet addictions are significantly more likely get sick than people not suffering from internet addiction, in part due to drastic cortisol level fluctuation, which increases your susceptibility to illness:
Maintaining the health of your spirit is just as important as caring for your body. When people don’t receive the spiritual nourishment and light needed for their spirit to grow, they may become vulnerable to behaviours that they otherwise wouldn’t consider. 
Developing this recovery mindset is difficult but necessary for healing from addiction and individuals work toward recovery in each of these areas, they should understand that full healing can come only through the  self-Atonement and become one's best self.  

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