Everything about MUOET 2017 for MTech admission in Manipal University

MTech Admissions 2017 MIT (Manipal Institute of Technology), Manipal 

Here are the answers to few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about MTech at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University, Manipal.

Q1. What are the MTech Courses offered at Manipal University?

MIT, Manipal offers 25 streams at the MTech Level.
  • Advanced Thermal Power & Energy Systems
  • Manufacturing Engineering & Technology
  • Control Systems
  • Energy Management 
  • Auditing & Lighting
  • Computer Science & Information Security
  • Printing & Media Technology
  • Engineering Management
  • Biomedical 
  • Chemical
  • Environmental 
  • Power  Electronic Systems & Control
  • Software
  • Astronomy & Space 
  • Computer Aided Mechanical Design & Analysis
  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Computer Science 
  • Structural 
  • Bioinformatics
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Industrial Pollution & Control 
  • Microelectronics
  • Digital Electronics & Advanced Communication
  • Network 
  • Industrial Automation & Robotics
  • Automobile Engineering
Q2. Is MTech degree from MIT, Manipal University worthwhile?

In terms of studies, I feel most of the engineering colleges uses somewhat similar syllabus and the faculty too will be of the same qualifications. To explain this I would like to make use of analogy, All the fabric available in the market are similar but one you buy form the showroom has different value over the one you buy from other retail outlet. the people trust the materials bought from the showroom and are ready to pay hefty where as the fabric bought form outside are not given much weightage. Similarly the Manipal has the different brand value over other engineering colleges in India because of its notable alumni like Satya Nadella and Rajeev Suri and Companies trust Manipal and they come here annually to find next Nadella and Suri, due to this about 90% of the students get placed from here and get paid heavily. So, If you want the brand value of Manipal to be attached with your name/resume and want to make most out of it then definitely you can think of joining MIT for MTech.  

Q3. How tough or difficult it is to get into MTech at Manipal University?

For MTech at Manipal University you need to write an entrance exam known as MUOET for MTech. It is one hour test consisting of 60 objective type questions which will be basically from the subjects you studied in your BTech.

Q4. Is it necessary to be GATE qualified for MTech Admission at MIT?

For getting into MTech at MIT you need not be GATE qualified, Manipal University has its own Entrance examinations known as MUOET for MTech admission. If you are GATE qualified an additional 24 marks will be added to your MUOET score to improve your rank. In addition to that you will also be eligible for GATE scholarship of Rs. 12,000/- per month from MHRD, Govt of India. 

Q5. How should I prepare for MUOET for MTech 2017?

Since you need to answer 60 questions in 60 minutes, the important skills you need to develop is time management. If you have appeared for GATE it will be an additional advantage but you need to prepare a few more subject that is not covered in GATE. The in detail review of MOUET for Mtech will be done soon.

Q6. What are the MUOET cutoff for different branches for MTech at MIT?

Q7. What rank will fetch me MTech Microelectronics or Digital Electronics and Advanced Communication at MIT?

Because of past placement records MTech Microelectronics and MTech DEAC is considered flagship stream for MTech at MIT. To get into these course you need to score at least 95/240 for Microelectronics and 85/240 for Mtech DEAC.

Q8. How much should I get in MUOET to get MTech Computer Science at MIT?

Securing 80/240 will secure your seat for MTech in CSE at MIT, Manipal.

Q9. What are the scholarships for MUOET or GATE qualified at MIT?

Getting good score in MUOET will not fetch you any scholarship but if you are GATE qualified you will definitely get monthly Rs. 12000/- scholarship from MHRD Govt. of India.  Some of you may be interested in Teaching Assistantships which will gain you some pocket money but you have to work extra hours for conducting remedial classed for 1st years and BTech Labs.  

Q10. What are the MTech placements / Internships opportunities for MTech at MIT?

So far multinational companies like Intel, Erricson, Dell EMC, NVDIA, ORACLE, PHILIPS, MEDIATEK have visited the campus and taken about 60% of MTech Students for Internship. (More will be updated soon.)

Q11. What is the statistics of the placements for 2016-2018 MTech batch?

Coming soon...

Q12. What is the difference between BTech and MTech programmes at MIT?

Manipal Institute of Technology entrance exam 2017 (MU-OET 2017)

Manipal University BTech (Engineering) Admission 2017

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Manipal University admission 2017 or MUOET 2017.

MU OET 2017: Important Dates
1Release of Online Application Form22 October 2016
2Last Date of RegistrationMarch 2017
3Exam Slot Booking ScheduleMarch 2017
4Release of Admit Card of MU OET 2017April 2017
5Date of MU OET 2017 ExamApril-May 2017
6Release of MU OET 2017 ResultMay 2017
7Online Registration for Counselling Round-11st Week of June 2017
8Round-1 Seat Allotment Result2nd Week of June 2017
9Online Registration for Counselling Round-21st Week of July 2017
10Round-2 Seat Allotment Result1st Week of July 2017
11Online Registration for Counselling Round-32nd Week July 2017
12Round-3 Seat Allotment Result3rd Week of July 2017
13Online Registration for Counselling Round-44th Week July 2017
14Round-4 Seat Allotment ResultEnd of July 2017

Q1. Is it worth taking admission in Manipal University?

Manipal University is one among the premier and oldest university in India which has been making a lot of contribution in Education and Health Science for last six decades. The most amazing experience to be the part of this organisation is to witness the state of the art infrastructure that it has like Marena (Indoor gym and sports facilities), Swimming pool, Central Library are just to name a few. Not only in India, Manipal is equally popular abroad, it has it's sister institutions and collaborations across the globe (World Wide Manipal). Manipal University ranks are as follows:

#1 in private Indian university in research
#1 in top Indian pharmacy colleges
#2 among dental Colleges in India
#2 in top private medical schools in India
#3 in top private universities in India
#5 in top private engineering college in India
#17 in top Indian universities
#97 in top BRICS universities
#200 among top Asian Universities

Notable Alumni: Satya Nadella, Rajiv Suri, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Nithya Menen and much more..

In the nutshell if you couldn't make into IIT's, IIM's or AIIMS then close your eyes, come and live a beautiful life at Manipal with friends from 57 countries across the globe.

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Q2. What is the syllabus for the MU-OET 2017?

Detailed syllabus is provided at the university portal, do not deviate from that and prepare well for your exams.

Q3. What is the pattern of the question in Manipal University OET 2017?

The test consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ type). In this, for each given question, the applicant must choose the right, or the closest, answer from among the choices given.
Each question carries one mark. A correct answer will be awarded one mark; a wrong answer or unanswered questions will be awarded no marks. more details is given on the university portal.
Manipal University BTech Admission 2017
Manipal University Entrance Test 2017

Q4. How difficult MU Online Entrance Test usually is?

The level of difficulty is moderate, not tough like CBSE conducted AIEEE / JEE, but focus on maths and science, English section will be relatively easy and make sure you sore maximum from English and General Aptitude. Again, the time is only 150 minutes and completing all 200 questions will be challenging, better be on the better side and leave questions that take time to solve or think.

Q5. Which date is better for me to appear for the MUOET 2017?

This is the question that everyone has as you have the privilege to give three attempts in Manipal University OET in order to improve your score. So, My suggestion is do not choose the last available date. To be on the safer side choose a schedule that allows you to give at least two more attempts if you do not get the desired score in the first attempt. Recommended is the first available date, analyse the test and re-attempt it after 10 days of preparation, this is the best and working technique. Note: every test is of the same difficulty so, if you are giving second attempt the difficulty remains the same.

Q6. previous year MOUET (B Tech) marks and ranks. 

     Marks          Rank      Year

     158               419           2016
     154               646           2016
     153               718           2016
     146               756           2014
     133               3308         2016
     131               3809         2016
     125               3252         2014
     119               3718         2011
     114               9800         2016

Q7.  How much marks in MUOET will get me Computer Science in Manipal?

If you have decided to pursue Computer Science at MIT, Manipal then you need to aim at least 150 / 200 because BTech CSE & ECE are the flagship course of Manipal University because of the placements opportunity you are going to get after four years. Based on the previous record cutoff ranks are around 2000. 140/200 was the cutoff in 2016 and 125/200 in 2015 so probably 150/200 in 2016 so study well.

Q8. MU-OET 2016 Cutoff for Different BTech Courses

MIT, Manipal
MU, Dubai
SMIT, Sikkim
MUJ, Jaipur
MIU, Malaysia









Computer & Communication


Computer Science

Electrical & Electronics


Electronics & Communication


Instrumentation & Control

Industrial & Production

Information Technology





Printing and Media Technology

  Q9. How To check the sores of Manipal University MUOET rank?

Your sore of the test will be computed in the realtime and displayed on the screen after you submit your answers. The rank will be available after all the MUOET entrance test are over and will also be notified by email.  you can visit results.manipal.edu to view your MU-OET 2017 rank.

if you want to know more about Manipal institute of technology fees for both MTech and BTech courses or want to know more on Manipal institute of technology entrance exam 2017. If you have any queries on Manipal institute of technology placements or want to know more about Manipal institute of technology notable alumni or Manipal institute of technology rankings then feel free to leave a comment below. Manipal institute of technology application form 2017 is available online fill it on or before the last date.

Everything about Manipal University students learner.manipal.edu email id

Here are the answer to a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Manipal University's manipal.edu email id. 

Q1. Do Manipal University students get a .edu email address?

Answer: Yes, Once you take admission to any constituent institutions of Manipal University you become eligible for one institution email id popularly known as learners id which will be in the form of your firstname.lastname@learner.manipal.edu. 

Q2. What all can I do with learner.manipal.edu email id?

Answer: Apart from basic mail send and receive the .edu email address has many use-cases a few of them are listed below.
  • Immediate registration at researchgate.net 
  • Immediate account validation at Google Scholar 
  • Avail all students discounts (viz. apple iTunes subscription etc) 
  • Free Microsoft office account 
  • Free Autodesk and AutoCAD softwares and a lot more. 

Q3. Where can i get the my manipal.edu email id?

Answer: After all the admission formalities are over, it usually takes 1 month for your email id to get generated which you can see after logging into the student information system of Manipal University (sis.manipal.edu).

Manipal university students email address
Manipal University Students Information Portal 

Q4. How can I access the Manipal University email id?

Answer: Once you see your email id on the sis portal, you can approach your department office with the request for your password. Once you have your credentials at our disposal you need to login to portal.office.com to login to your manipal.edu email. 

Login Screen of manipal.edu email addresss

Q5. How to configure manipal.edu email in my Android or iphone?

  • To configure manipal.edu email on your Android click here
  • To configure learner.manipal.edu email address on iOS devices click here
  • To configure Microsoft office365 account on windows phones click here

Q6. How to get the password of the learner.manipal.edu email id?

Answer: If you could not get the password from the department office, then you can send a mail stating your learner id to mailadmin@learner.manipal.edu to request your password.

Q7. What if I forget the password of learner.manipal.edu?

Answer: If you loose your password, unlike other sites then there is no privilege to change the password by self. You need to write a mail to maildamin@learner.manipal.edu from your secondary email address like gmail or yahoo and request for the new one. You will receive the newly generated password in your secondary email id. for authentication purpose do not forget to mention your details such as registration number, branch, institute etc.

I hope this helped, feel free to write queries or suggestions you have in the comments below.

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    Innovative ways to convert Black money to white, Demonetization bypassed.

    About 40 days of demonetization getting over here we come with the best 10 techniques to convert your cleverly acquired black wealth into purely white indeed through these innovative ideas.

    1.   Demand Draft (DD):

    Demand Draft or cheque is bill issued by the bank to pay a certain sum in favor of specified party or an organization. Demand Draft is most popular and preferred way of payment as the risk of non-clearance or cheque getting bounced is nil, because it is the responsibility of the banker to make the payment to the party.
    Follow these steps to convert your Black money to White.
    • You can make DD in favor of any organization up to maximum of Rs. 50,000 (Fifty thousand rupees) via cash (old 1000 and 500 notes).
    • Make Multiple DD in favor of different organization and later cancel your Demand Draft
    • You will get the payment back from the DD issuing bank in the form of new Rs. 2,000 notes after deduction of substantial amount as bank commission.
    Also Check Demand Draft Charges and commission rates for Different Banks
    Fig. Showing the Trends of Google search to convert Black money to White

    2.       Using political parties:

    Since political parties can collect donations of Rs. 20,000 or less without having to reveal who donated the money, let alone their income tax PAN number, they will have the easiest time with demonetization. A political party can say it collected this amount of cash in old currency donations before demonetization and demand that it be changed into new currency by 30 December. That also raises the fear that political parties could actually use this method to launder black money of individuals within and without their party.

    3.       Using farmers.

    Since agricultural income is not taxed, a farmer can easily say he got this much cash from the mandi by selling his produce before demonetisation, and here's the old currency, now please exchange it for new one. In this way, any farmer could help launder money, from old currency notes to new ones, for a cut. An investment advisor told Rediff, "The agricultural income in this country is going to be fabulously high this year, immaterial if the crop is good or poor."

    4.       Buying gold. 

    Gold prices shot up because many black money hoarders rushed to jewellery shops as soon as prime minister Narendra Modi made the demonetisation announcement on 8 November. Many black money owners made the most of four hours they had and bought gold till midnight. There have also been reports, again, of gold selling in back-dated transactions. Jewellers happily sold gold at a high premium. In some shops the demand was so high there was pandemonium with buyers fighting amongst each other to be able to buy first. The government has asked top jewellers to give details of gold transactions after the demonetization.
    Read Some wonderful UPSC IAS Topper' s Answers to most Difficult Questions

    5.       Temple donations.

     There are reports of people giving their black money to temple 'hundis' or donation boxes. Temple managements will show this money as anonymous donations, exchange it for new currency notes, keep a commission for this service, and return most of it to the owner. The government has already clarified that temple hundis will not be asked questions. ABP news showed a sting operation in which the priest of Govardhan temple in Mathura was willing to convert Rs 50 lakh of black money into white for a 20% commission. There have been such reports from different parts of the country.

    6.       Back-dated FDs in co-operative banks and credit societies.

    Since such institutions still do a lot of their work manually, they are reports they have issued fixed deposit receipts in back date. Owners of black money have reportedly been able to get various FDs in such institutions in names of various villagers in back dates, and will receive new currency notes in due course, after paying a cut to those in whose name they deposited the money. Non-banking financial institutions who accept such deposits are also reportedly acting similarly in helping convert black money into white. Such institutions have long been alleged to be indulging in money laundering. The level of regulation of such institutions differs from state to state.

    7.       Using poor people as money mules:

    As the poor stand in queues at banks to exchange their currency notes, there are reports of them being used to convert black money into white. This doesn't even need a co-operative bank. Black money are reportedly finding poor people to deposit Rs 2.5 lakh in cash, since the government has said deposits up to that amount won't be questioned. Such people will then ask to withdraw the entire amount soon, keep some to themselves and return most of it. Since this requires trust, black money hoarders are first and foremost using their staff and their relatives.

    8.       Giving loans to poor people. 

    Funneling money through poor people whose bank transactions will not arouse suspicion, is giving way to many creative enterprises. There are also people willing to give interest free loans to the poor - which may seem like a good impact of demonetization but is actually an effort to convert black money into white and defeat the purpose.

    9.       Paying advance salaries.

    Businesses having black money have reportedly used old notes of Rs 500 and 1,000 to pay advance salaries for anywhere between the next 3 to 8 months. The idea is to pay each employee less than Rs 2.5 lakh - the limit above which deposits will be examined. In Gujarat, some businesses are reported to have opened salary accounts and deposit advance salaries, keeping their debit cards with company itself. This way they will be able to deposit old currency notes before 30 December and withdraw new ones easily, without attracting the attention of the income tax department.

    10.   Booking and cancelling train tickets.

    Since old notes are being accepted till 14 November to book train tickets, there has been a surge in booking expensive train tickets that people intend to later cancel and get refunds in new notes, with a small cancellation fee. The number of expensive first AC tickets booked per day have increased by many times. As a result, the railways have said refunds won't be in cash. But since these bookings are being made through travel agents, even refunds through electronic transfers mean the travel agent will be able to return large sums in new currency notes.

    Note: These are not the tips to convert the black money to white but are some of the  tactics used by  ill minded anti nationalist to bypass the demonetization.

    If you have some more ideas please leave your ideas below, or share or like this on social media. Thanks for reading this article.